Re: Did you go to a Jewish summer camp? #usa

A. E. Jordan

PS to my earlier message about the girls camp in Maine for Jewish girls.

My uncle. my mother's brother went to a boy's camp. He was five years older so likely talking he went to camp in the mid or early 1930s. I don't know the name but we even have some family movies from parents' weekend at the camp. I would have to find those movies to see if it showed any specifics such as the name of the camp.

While my uncle came from Brooklyn the boy's camp must have drawn from around the Northeast. I would guess it was somewhere in the northeast for its location and in an odd quirk of fate another boy at the same who came from Northeast Pennsylvania also was at the camp and he remembers my grandparents coming on parents weekend. The boy would marry my father's sister ... so when my uncle from my father's side of the tree would come for visits he would tell us stories about my mother's parents from the camp visit in the 1930s to see my uncle from my mother's side of the tree although my parents were not married till 1950 .... it's a small world after all .....

Allan Jordan
New York

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