Re: Did you go to a Jewish summer camp? #usa

A. E. Jordan

I am not sure what the originally question was ....

My mother went to a camp in Denmark, Maine --- Camp Walden. It dates back to 1916 -- but my mother was there during World War II. I am not sure if it was strictly a Jewish camp but they founders were a Hirsch and Altschul and later run till the 1990s by a niece who was a Cohen.

My mother had very found memories of the camp ... even though there were sent to pick beans one summer in the fields until the word got back to the parents in Brooklyn ..... and all the girls were I would guess from Brooklyn although I vaguely remember my mother saying the train they traveled to and from camp split with another section maybe from Boston? From the stories told the Brooklyn girls were all young Jewish women but she never talked about any Jewish rituals at camp.

The camp still operates and I know my mother followed its progress and held it among her fondest memories until she passed at age 90.

Allan Jordan
New York

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