Re: Seeking correct name and location of "Rosopovitch", Belarus #belarus

Ronald Killian

I think you may have solved my Rosopovich question, or at least as close as we may get. Asipovichy (aka Osipovich) makes sense to me:
1) Asipovichy/Osipovich is very close to Rosopovich, and its location is proximate to Bobruisk and Svisloch, as well as to Parichi.
2) I know that Parichi was Morris GARELICK's birthplace, confirmed by recent research by Yuri Dorn's Belarus team.
3) Bobruisk was the last community that the family lived in before Morris immigrated to the US, this from his passenger list, naturalization papers, his oral histories, etc.
4) Morris's heavy Russian accent and imperfect English may have obscured his pronunciation of this town, as you suggested. His grand-niece had said that she did not know if she had heard him correctly, and she was attempting to spell the towns as she heard them, many years ago.
5) While we have confirmed his GARELICK family lived first in Parichi and later in Bobruisk, I do not believe there is a way of determining the other two locations and when they lived there, as it would have been for fairly short periods of time. Morris was born in Parichi in 1888, and the family moved to Bobruisk in the 1895-97 time period, based on certain records, so it would be fewer than 9 years that they would have moved to the other two communities before settling in Bobruisk. For now, I will go with the possible Asipovichy...with an asterisk.
Many thanks to you, Janet, and Sherri Bobish for your suggestions. and help.
Ronald Killian

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