Re: Did you go to a Jewish summer camp? #usa

Myra Fournier

Hi, Carol: I replied to you privately, but thought I'd share. My sister and I went to Camp Young Judaea in Amherst, NH in the mid to late 1950s. All the bunks were named after Jewish towns.  Mine was Petah Tikvah. We wore blue and white outfits on the Sabbath. I was a momma's girl, so didn't like being at camp, but did love taking archery and riflery and volleyball.  I always feigned a sore throat to get out of morning swim....brrrrr. For many years my mother kept my postcard home saying the camp was too cheap to give us milk with our meals.  I knew nothing about kosher!!!!  :-)
My sister will dig out photos to send to you. Can't wait to attend the program.
Myra Fournier (nee Woods)
Bedford, MA

"Deep in the hills of New Hampshire, under a moonlit sky.  Stands a Camp Young Judaea whose spirit will never die!..."  This song I still remember, but not what I had for breakfast. :-)

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