Re: Genealogy software? #general

Marjorie Geiser


It definitely is a good idea to put your tree somewhere other than just on Ancestry. First, one day you may not want to continue your subscription. Second, if something to happen to you, how would your family be able to get your tree???

I also use FTM, which syncs with both Ancestry and FamilySearch. And make sure you regularly download a copy of that gedcom file onto your computer, as a separate process. Any time I make changes to a tree, I download a new gedcom file onto my hard drive.

However, I do also want to encourage you to download all your documents (birth, marriage, death certs, ship manifests, naturalization papers, passports, etc, etc, etc) onto your computer or external hard drive. And then create a consistent naming system, so when you're looking for, say, Isaac LEVINE's ship manifest, you can quickly and easily do so, which might look like this: LEVINE_Isaac - 1903 Ship Manifest.
For instance, I have a separate folder for each SURNAME. Then, within that SURNAME folder, I have various sub-folders, such as Immigration, Birth, Death, Gravestone photos, Photographs, etc, etc.

This is part of what we teach people in our JewishGen Virtual Conversations who want to learn (or improve) genealogy organization and planning.

Margie Geiser
Arizona, USA


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