Name Changes in Schwartz Kostelletz, Kaurimer Kreis - 1793 #austria-czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

With reference to my posting yesterday on name changes in Hohenems,
Voralberg - Paul King wrote to me [I have his permission to quote]: "In a
number of Rhineland and other German states, there are lists of the official
change of name of Jewish residents for this or that Kreis, usually presenting
the name and patronym followed by the new given name and surname. These
documents date >from abt. 1809. The same procedure was dictated by Joseph II
around 1783, but I don't see lists of the type we see in the German states.
What is the story in the Habsburg Empire?"

One can sometimes find lists of name changes and they appear in various
archives and written accounts. You find them in some chapters of Hugo Gold's
books on the Jews of Bohemia and Moravia, for example.

I have picked out the name changes >from the 1793 census of Bohemia for the
Herrschaft Schwartz Kostelletz [Kostelec nad Cernymi Lesy], Kaurimer Kreis
where the census-taker appeared to register nearly all the old names near
the new. This was very exceptional and I have yet to come across another
example in the census. The ages are also given, which is also very unusual.
The reverse may be more likely, namely that in this case, the census taker
arrived with a list of old names on a tax register, or similar document and
just updated the old names by entering the new ones:

New family names in capitals - old name in brackets - ages given.

Philip BERGMANN 30 {Herschel}
Herman FELDMANN 46 {Herschl}
Neptall FELDMANN 43 {Herschell}
Jacob FELDSTEIN 54 {Lobl Bernard}
Salomon GERMAN 50 {Salomon Lebl}
Gabriel GIESTER 51 {Kersehell - could this also be a
mistranscription for Herschell?}
Isak KOHN 42 {KATZ}
Israel KRAUS 50 {Israel SCHWARTZ}
Jakob KRAUSZ 31 {Jacob Bernard}
Philip KRAUS 51 {Feischl Kraus}
Salomon LEW 53 {Salomon Lobl}
Rubin MERIL 51 {Lewa}
Elias RAIS {Mich Elias}
Bernard STERN 51 {Bernard Israel}
Samuel STERN 46 {Schmaule}

Heinrich WEIGER {Enoch Gutmann}
Anna WOLFIN {Ann Liebsch}
Marcus KAUFMANN 34 {Petschetzky}
Adam FUCHS 45 {Jab Herschl}

The number of Herschls {and variants} and Bernard should be of interest
to our SIG members Dave Bernard and Hans Weigl. Hans knows that the family
name was originally HIRSCHL and has never been able to satisfy himself as
to why the family changed their name to WEIGL. I suspect one of the reasons
was that HIRSCHL/HERSCHL etc was a name which the authorities deemed to be
too "Jewish" and requested it should be changed to conform to the Edict and
also to avoid confusion. As to why they chose the name WEIGL; well there I
can think of a number of possible reasons but there is no proof for any of
these hypotheses. Above we see the families chose BERGMANN, FELDMAN and FUCHS
- so why not WEIGL?

Celia Male [U.K.]

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