Re: Jewish Summer Camps #usa

Werner Frank

I attach a newsletter issue of the Chicago Jewish Historical Society that deals with Jewish Summer Camps.  As a  camper and subsequent counselor, I cite Camp Avodah sponsored by the Chicago Jewish Community via the College of Jewish Studies. Camp Avodah was a unique project motivated by the Federal Government's WW2 need for Victory Farm Volunteers in order to fullfill the labor needs of farming communities due to the shortage of its manpower. Hence, the Jewish community's response in providing the labor of Jewish youth.  Camp Avodah added a rich Jewish program, resembling Kibbutz life, to the daily labor (at minimal wages) that the campers provided the local farming community near Buchanan, Michigan.
This experience over several years led to future Jewish community leaders including a half dozen Rabbis. It certainly laid the foundation to my own commitment to a rich Jewish life, all due to the Camp's leadersip headed by Samuel Kaminker (z"l).
Werner Frank
Thousand Oaks, CA

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