Karklinsky, Blumrosen, Rosenthal #lithuania #usa

Jonathan Naor

Looking for connections between my Karklinsky family (from Lithuania) to the Blumrosen and Rosenthal families in Texas. We know there was a close family relationship but it has been lost over the years.
Some names are below. I would be grateful for any information.
Thank you!
Jonathan Naor
Atlit, Israel

 Fagie/Fannie 1883-1955 and Abe/David(Joseph A) Rosenthal 1874-1944 from galveston texas 


 Fagie maiden name -Mayer

  Eva Rosenthal 1905-daughter

Abe Rosenthal 1907-son

Max Bernard Rosenthal 1902-1948- son

Ida Rosenthal 1903-2000- daughter

 Sophie Rosenthal 1897-daughter

Anna – Rose-Annie Roseenthal Felsen1901-1979- daughter

Irving Felsen 1930-2013- grandson


Esther/Molka/Rosie1862-1940 and Jacob/Yankel Blumrosen 1849-1893 from corsicana texas

Ester maiden name-Freedman

Alex Freedman-brother

Mose/Mosey Blumrosen 1886-1958 -son

Josephine 1897-1977-Mose first wife

JR Jake Rube Blumrosen 1925-1996- Esther's grand son,

Maxine blumrosen1921-Esther's grand daughter

Mabel Garonzik 1891-1974-daughter

Will Garoznik 1882-1938 husband

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