Re: Who Am I: A TAFLOWICZ or A MINC/MINTZ? #poland


Hi Marilyn.   Thanks for the interesting question.   Those Tomaszow Mazowiecki records were document from the index page by JRI-Poland in 1997 and now after 25 years, I am finally putting my efforts into doing extending extracts.  The 1844 Marriage record that you mentions was indexed by the 19th Century indexer as FOLKOWICZ  but as you say the record states TAFLOWICZ. 

I suggest that you also look at the Marriage record of Estera's brother Eyzyk TAFLOWICZ in 1843 akta # 5 found at,detail,289965,35   In this record it states that Eyzyk is the son of Hajm and Zelda TAFLOWICZ.  Then look at the bottom of the pages where the signagures are located.  Eyzyk's signature in Hebrew is Eyzk TAFLOWICZ,  Hajm signature in Hebrew is Hajm MINTZ!   On the Polish signature side it shows Eyzyk TAFLOWICZ under that is Haym the ditto symbol under the words TAFLOWICZ and then it shows MINTZ.  Then under Haym name is Zelda's name with the ditto symbol under both TAFLOWICZ and MINTZ

So to answer your question, yes Estera TAFLOWICZ and Estera MINTZ as the same person.  

Hadassah Lipsius
JRI-Poland Tomaszow Mazowiecki Town leader.  

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