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Edward Drexler
I am trying to find the history and origins of my grandfather on my fathers side. My mothers side is very well documented and my wife and I were able even to find my great grandfathers grave and a few brothers marriage certificates in the town hall of Kaposvar in eastern Hungary, but that was because one of the sons, Jacob, immigrated to the USA in 1862 and eventually made his way to New York where he started an optical company and later wrote a letter to his children describing his life, many trials and failures and eventual success. 


On my fathers side, Edward Drexler seems to have appeared out of nowhere ran a laundry/clothes dying place, married my grandmother, had several children and eventually left them all and (I think) committed suicide in about 1928. He made a naturalization declaration in 1926, stating that he was born in 1874 in Sulin Hungary (that is now Slovakia and I think Sulin is now called Saros and is in what was the far northeast of Hungary). On the taped history that my father made he gave his birth town name as what sounds like “aparious” or “flareous” (not Sulin) - I have no idea what that is, possibly a village name. His naturalization declaration states that he arrived in the USA in 1899 in Baltimore from Bremen Germany on the ship Kaiser Wilhelm Der Grosse on 1 October 1899. In talks with my sister she says that our grandfather went to Pittsburgh where people from Austria/Hungary worked as laborers. Maybe he grew up in Pittsburg which is why he didn’t speak Hungarian. In his taped history he says that his father, Edward, came to the US in about 1890 and went to Pittsburg (maybe those dates are wrong). Edward Drexler had three siblings, Henry, Cecilia, and Esther. He married Anna Goldberg in 1899. Anna Goldberg was born in 1882/3 in Hungary, immigrated to the US in 1899. Her father was Mors Goldberg from Hungary, and her mother was also from Hungary. The family included Joseph, Adolf, Arthur, Henry, Anna (who married Edward Drexler), Antoinette and Rose-Kiah(?? - maybe wrong spelling) 


All of this seems very confused and I do not know how I can find the right birth area/place and how he got the to the usa where he went - I do know he ended up in Brooklyn and lived in Flatbush - and that my father had an unhappy childhood but won a scholarship to Cornell University, left home and never returned but met his future wife there and became almost a part of her family.


Anything you can do to help me track down my fathers father and the rest of his family I would greatly appreciate. 




Tony Drexler


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