Re: Edward Drexler from Hungary #hungary


Hi Mr Drexler                                                                            22nd May 2022

I do not know, if Mr  Drexler  Bela--( Bela Drexler)
whom I happen to know personally as a child in Hungary
is a descendant of your Drexler Family or not.?

Mr Drexler Bela--was a Melamed, a Rabbi--? clean shaven after the war
Travelling around the  villages of the  'Tokaj Valley--and 
Teaching Hebrew--Alef-Beis etc--to children who had no alternative but to attend --mixed cultural schools.

To my knowledge: Mr Drexler Bela passed away in --around--1980--in Hungary
and was/is buried in MISKOLC Jewish Cemetery.

Mr Drexler Bela--May have had/has  a son.

Best wishes 
Veronika Pachtinger
London UK.

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