Re: Who Am I: A TAFLOWICZ or A MINC/MINTZ? #poland

Marilyn Robinson

"...So, which Estera is my gg-grandmother: Estera TAFLOWICZ or Estera MINC/MINTZ, or are they one & the same person?" (posted 5/20/22 #7a, #2966)
A responder, upon looking at the marriage document of Estera TAFLOWICZ-MINC/MINTZ REICHMAN's brother, Eyzyk TAFLOWICZ, noted that the parents signed his document using both names. So, is it possible that Estera's father was not "legally" married to her mother, but rather only had a religious marriage &, thus, was known by/used both his mother's maiden name & his father's"?
Marilyn Robinson
Reichman/Reychman/Rejchman, Taflowicz---Tomaszow Maz., Yudin, Shapiro--Belarus (Sharkovshchyna)


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