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Glenda Mattes

Looking for records for the family name, Cohen in

  1. Stavishche (Ставище) city, former Tarashcha povit (district), former Kiev Gubernia (now belonging to the Bilacerkiv district of Kyiv oblast).
  2. Kept in the CENTRAL STATE HISTORICAL ARCHIVE OF UKRAINE IN KIEV, Fond 1162, description (опис) 1, the cases (справи) 13-18.

My researcher in Ukraine suggested that I look online in Alex Krakovsky’s database. I have found an 1882 census for Tarashcha district.
Can anyone help me read and determine is there a Nathan Cohen listed? He is said to have been a wealthy grain merchant. The daughter of Nathan and Dobeh Cohen was Esther, born about 1875 and married in about 1895. She was my husband's grandmother. Besides her family, I would like to learn the surname of the man she married.
Thank you

Glenda Mattes
Boston, MA, USA

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