Help interpreting info from all Galicia gatabase #galicia

Wendy Griswold

Hi, I apologize for asking an unsophisticated question. Trying to get the hang of this.

I'm looking at the Przensyl State Archive Fond 154 scan for Zurawno, Jewish Marriages. 1901.
I find on scan 6 Drucker Gicie 1901 Blatt 83 Postzahl 13. And above her name something that looks like Tom III

I find on scan 7 Ellner Szulem Shlomo, Blatt 83 Postzahl 13, also 1901.
So have I found  the marriage of my putative great uncle Schulem Ellner and his wife Gittel/Gussie Drucker? 
Is that a logical assumption?

I have the names confirmed and to the best of my knowledge their first child was born in Zurawno in 1902.
If not, can the blatt and postzahl information be helpful in any way?

Thank you!

Wendy Griswold

Pittsfield MA

Searching BLITZ/ PFEIFFER/FEIFER / ELLNER - Zurawno, Stryy, Bolechow, Stanislawow

WENZELBERG (any spelling), EINHORN, SHIFULDREM - Nowy Sacz area

DWASS (changed to DAVIS), GARFINKEL - area of Ekaterinoslaw (now Dniepro) and possibly Vitebsk


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