Re: Did you go to a Jewish summer camp? #usa

Ann Adenbaum

I went to Camp Dunmore for Girls in Salisbury, Vt from 1966-1969. It was owned by George and Sylvia Frey Ross from Brooklyn who were school teachers. Most campers were Jewish. The food was served kosher style with no pork or mixing “milk and meat” and we had services on Friday nights.

my mother went to the same camp 1934-1938. Then it was owned by the Jacobsons who were from Mt Vernon, NY where my mother lived. At the time Sylvia Frey was the head counselor. I have pictures from my mom’s camp experience. True treasures.

During COVID a group that went to Camp Dunmore reconnected for monthly Zoom calls! A lot of great reminiscing!

Ann Adenbaum
Tarrytown, NY

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