Re: Jewish Summer Camps #usa


I was a counselor at Camp IHC from 1970-1976 in Honesdale, PA. The Ezersky's owned the camp then.   It was called Indian Head Camps , they recently changed the name.  When arriving in the town of Honesdale there was a wooden sign with slats of all the camps.  They were all Jewish camps and had to be around 20 of them.  (B'nai Brith, Starlight, Ramah, to name a few).  On Wednesdays we played sports intercamp with them.  Either our girls camp would go to the other camp and their boys camp would come to ours or visa versa.  On Friday nights we would have a Shabbot service.  Sundays were bagels and lox for breakfast.  I am from Denver, Colorado.  When I was a kid, I attended the Jewish Community Center day camp and then the Jewish Community Center Ranch Camp which was a sleep-a-way camp. 

Terry Manassee
Aurora, Colorado

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