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Wendy Griswold asked about two people she had found listed on the All Galicia Database from the Żurawno Jewish marriages index book of 1901-1936 (held in the Przemyśl State Archive, Fond 154, Series 66, File 2), and whether she was right in thinking that the two people were the groom and bride in a marriage.

She is indeed right about this. The entries are given as:
Gicia DRUCKER; year of marriage: 1901; page (Blatt) in original record book: 83; record number (Postzahl): 13
Szulem Salomo ELLNER; year of marriage: 1901; page (Blatt) in original record book: 83; record number (Postzahl): 13

No marriage registers have survived from Żurawno, and nor have any death registers. It is very useful, therefore, to have two index books of Jewish marriages from the town, one covering the period 1841-1876 and the other, the one we are discussing, for 1901-1936.

Wendy asked whether knowledge of the record number and page number in the original marriage register could be useful. If the original register had survived, these number would certainly be helpful. In such a case, you could go to the original book and check on page 83, record 13 to find out more about Gicia DRUCKER and Szulem ELLNER, such as their dates and places of birth and the names of their parents. Unfortunately, that is not the case here.

Incidentally, the volume number (Tom) of the original marriages book is given as [Roman] number III. That would have been the number used at the time of the book (and not a modern archival number).

As it happens, Gesher Galicia has already planned for later this year to update the two Żurawno marriages index books on the All Galicia Database. The main purpose of this update, apart from some small corrections, is to present results of searches from these marriage index books so that the groom and bride are shown in a single result. In that way, Gicia DRUCKER and Szulem Salomo ELLNER will appear together in a search result, rather than separately as is the case now. Of course, even without this update, the scans of the index book are available on the All Galicia Database, for Gesher Galicia members who are logged into the site to view. Using these scans, it is possible - as Wendy has shown - to find matching pairs of grooms and brides, by comparing page and record numbers from the original marriages register.

Tony Kahane
Research Coordinator, Gesher Galicia

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