Re: Hebrew Reformatory, Plainview NY Early 1900's #usa

Lin Mor

I grew up in Plainview, never heard about that. I just looked at the entry on Wikipedia. No mention, but please do read it because it mentions the fact that there was another Plainview somewhere in NYS which caused a post office dilemma. May I suggest you contact the Plainview Public Library (999 Old Country Rd, Plainview, NY 11803 or call (516) 938-0077

There is a neighboring place called Plainedge. 

Sorry, can't help more, but at least here is a place to ask and librarians love to do research!!

Linda Cohen Morzillo

Saratoga Springs, NY




PRESS and SCHNEIDER in Vidukle and other Raseiniai towns

AMCHISLAVSKY and ERLICHMAN in Rostov-on-Don and previously Kozelets and Oster, Chernigov Gubernia

COHEN/KAGAN and BORNSTEIN in Oshmiany and France

KOSOFSKY in Shchuchyn, near Lida, Belarus

SWOTINSKY in Grodno Gubernia Poland/Russia/Belarus

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