Re: Hebrew Reformatory, Plainview NY Early 1900's #usa

Sherri Bobish

Hi Robin,

You might try looking at old city directories for Plainview, Long Island.  The local library may have old copies on microfilm.
I haven't found one on-line  (including Ancestry.)  Maybe one is online and I just couldn't locate it.  If someone knows of one on-line can they please post a link?

Old city directories usually have listings by type of business.  Reformatories were sometimes called "training schools."

I am assuming that they lived in Manhattan.  NYC Municipal Records has:
"The criminal justice records 1684-1966 are the largest and most comprehensive collection of their type in the English-speaking world."

There may be a card regarding his arrest / trial.  Many years ago I found there my uncle's Sing Sing admission card from the 1910's.

The 1908 American Jewish Yearbook may list the reformatory or training school name, if it was a Jewish run institution.

If he was still residing at the reformatory in 1910 than you should find him listed in the 1910 Federal Census as an inmate.  Try searching his name.

You can search his name in old digitized newspapers at this free site:
This site has a large collection of newspapers, and many from NYC and also small towns all across the state.  You might find a notice of his arrest or trial.

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