New additions to Gesher Galicia's All Galicia Database #austria-czech

Tony Kahane

Gesher Galicia is pleased to announce the addition to our All Galicia
Database, since early October, of a large number of sets of indexes -
from a backlog of files that had built up earlier in the year. They
include the following.

a) Vital records and censuses
Bialy Kamien Jewish Death Records (1885-1906)
Jezierna (Ozerna) Jewish Birth Records (1898-1927)
Jezierzany (Ozeryany) Jewish Birth Records (1815-1873), Marriage
Records (1863-1876) and Death Records (1816-1876)
Obertyn Jewish Marriage Index Book (1890-1938)
Podhajce Jewish Death Records (1892-1900, 1904-1910)
Sambor Jewish Marriage Records (1891-1897)
Zbaraz Jewish Death Records =E2=80=93 updated >from earlier version (1804-18=
Zborow Jewish Birth Records (1819-1838)
Zurawno Jewish Marriage Index Book (1841-1876, 1901-1939)
Brody Census Records (1850, with additions >from 1857)
Tarnopol Jewish Residents=E2=80=99 Cards >from the 1930s (similar to census
information) =E2=80=93 for surnames starting with G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, S=
, T
and V

b) Landowner records
Chodakowka Landowners (1849)
Gac (Gmina Gac) Landowners (1849)
Hadle Szklarskie Landowners (1849)
Jawornik Polski Landowners (1851)
Nowosielce Landowners (1849)
Lopuszka Mala Landowners (1851)
Ostrow Landowners (1849)
Pantalowice Landowners (1849)
Rudnik Landowners (1853)
Sedziszow Landowners (1820, 1849)
Siedleczka Landowners (1850)
Siennow Landowners (1851)
Sietesz Landowners (1849)
Skala Landowners (1828, 1880)
Tarnawka Landowners (1851)
Zuklin Landowners (1849)

c) School lists and residents=E2=80=99 lists
Skala List of Schools (1899, 1902, 1905); List of Closed Schools (1877)
Skala List of Residents (1810)
Zablotow (Zabolotiv) Residents (1939)

d) Austrian Ministry files (held at AGAD in Warsaw)
Austrian Ministry of Interior: Small-scale trading, crafts, 1899-1909
Austrian Ministry of Interior: Licenses for production and sale of
alcohol, 1900-1909
Austrian Ministry of Trade and Industry: Alcohol licenses, 1900,
1905-1907, 1912-1914
Austrian Ministry of Trade and Industry: Matters relating to alcohol
sale without licenses, 1905-1914

e) Other records
Busk voters=E2=80=99 list, Region 5, 1922
Lwow - Report of activities of the First Jewish Association of Ladies,
providing free lunches for poor pupils, 1886-1887
Zalozce - List of vodka buyers in Zalozce Castle storehouse, June 1846
[>from the Ternopil State Archive]

We will also shortly be uploading the following indexes to our
database, some of which have only recently been completed:
- around 9,000 birth and death records, >from the 19th century, from
Mosciska, and some 1,000 birth and death records >from Mosty Wielkie;
- marriage certificates >from Mielnica (1900-1914), death certificates
from Dobromil (1915-1939), a birth index book >from Muszyna (1899) and
a marriage index book >from Jaroslaw (1923);
- a further set of Austrian Interior Ministry records: =E2=80=9CViolations=
regulations=E2=80=9D, >from the early 20th century;
- landowner records >from Gwozdziec, Korolowka and Nadworna;
- lists of refugees fleeing >from Tarnopol and Zbaraz and settling in
other parts of Austria-Hungary, around the outbreak of the First World

There will be a fuller announcement about these, once they have been
uploaded to the All Galicia Database. I will also, next week, be
making an announcement about the research work currently in progress
at Gesher Galicia, about indexing projects about to begin, and about
other research work being considered for the next few months.

Tony Kahane
Chair and Research Coordinator, Gesher Galicia

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