TAFLOWICZ, HERSZKOWICZ, & NUTKOWICZ: How to Access an Original Copy of an 1850 Tomaszow Maz. Birth Document for Hana Sura TAFLOWICZ #poland #records

Marilyn Robinson

Recently, I had an 1843 Jewish marriage record translated by the Facebook group, Genealogical Translations.
1.The groom was listed as Eyzeyk TAFLOWICZ &
2.the bride was listed as Esther Malka HERSZKOWICZ,
3.both from Tomazow Mazowiecki.
4.[LDS Film#747938, Akt# 5,(JRI-Poland)]; & Genbaza  

An 1850 Tomaszow Maz. birth record for Hana Sura TAFLOWICZ, listed
1.the father as Ajzyk TAFLOWICZ &
2.the mother as Estera Malka, born NUTKOWICZ.
3.[Microfilm # 747939 (JRI-Poland) or 007954374 Image 181, Akt # 42].
This information was from a translation of the original document by FHL for me.

I don't know if Eyzeyk/Ajzyk was remarried to another Estera Malka (HERSZKOWICZ vs. NUTKOWICZ) or the translation of the mother's last name was faulty.

I tried to find the original document on the Polish site, GenBaza, in order to view the mother's maiden name, but was unable to find the document. I don't know if I was searching incorrectly or if it was simply unavailable.

Additionally, as I explained in another post, FHL Remote Access is no longer allowed to display original documents from some countries, so that resource is presently closed, as well.
Can anyone help me to find a copy of the original 1850 birth document for Hana Sura TAFLOWICZ??

Marilyn Robinson

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