April 2022 Summary of IAJGS Records Access Alert #general #jgs-iajgs #records

Jan Meisels Allen

Due to personal issues this is late in getting out. My apologies.

As mentioned previously, every month I post a listing of the IAJGS Records Access Alert topics from the previous month for you to see the variety of issues…some were posted on this discussion group but most were not—all postings are included below.

The following are the summaries for the month of April 2022.  In order not to miss out on important information it is worthwhile for you to be subscribed to the Records Access Alert.

Without records, genealogists cannot do genealogy –making certain that we retain access and gain access where it is impaired is every genealogists' responsibility.


  • New Director of FamilySearch History Library Director Named
  • Identity Theft 1st Quarter 2022 ITRC Report


  • (Australia and New Zealand) 330, 000 Online Memorials Unlock Individual Stories of First World War ANZACs
  • (Australia) National Archives Ramps Up Digitization of At-Risk Records


  • (Canada) Canada Legislation to be Brought Forward to Make Digital Giants Compensate Canadian Media Outlets For Reusing News Content
  • (Canada) Government Bill Introduces Bill to Safeguard Traveler Privacy and Rights to Examine Personal Devices


  • (European Union) Digital Services Act Would Force Meta, Google and Others to Combat Misinformation
  • (European Union) EU Court of Justice Advocate Says If Links are Asked to be Removed From Google the Company Must Look into the Claim
  • (European Union) Court of Justice Rules Against Broad Retention of Cell Phone Data by National Authorities
  • (European Union) EU Parliament Approves Data Governance act
  • (France-Google) French Websites are Ordered to Stop Using Google Analytics
  • (United Kingdom) National Archives UK Opens Military Personnel Collection WO 420


  • Updated: (US) 1950 US Census Released on April 1, 2022--72 Years Since the 1950 Census Was Taken
  • (US) 1950 US Census Released on April 1, 2022--72 Years Since the 1950 Census Was Taken
  • (U.S.) Evidence of the G.I. Bill in the 1950 Census
  • (US) FTC Chairperson Lina Khan Calls for Paradigm Shift on Data Privacy
  • (US) NARA Final Rule Proposed on Procedural Guidance Removal to Comply With EO January 20, 2021
  • (US) Supreme Court Considering Several Changes to Amicus Briefs
  • (US-MD) Law of Expungement
  • (US-TN) HB 2698 Requires Unwed Fathers Provide DNA Results to Sign Birth Certificates
  • (US-VA) DMV Now Offering Vital Records Service On The Go


The IAJGS Board of Directors approved opening the Records Access Alert to anyone who is interested in records access. This was announced previously.  We now have subscribers from many genealogical organizations not previously able to subscribe.

To be on top of what is happening you are encouraged to register for the Records Access Alerts to receive the information in a timely manner.  If you are interested in any of the above items, please register for the

IAJGS Records Access Alert and look at them in the archives.  To register for the IAJGS Records Access Alert go to: http://lists.iajgs.org/mailman/listinfo/records-access-alerts and follow the instructions to enter your email address, full name and which genealogical organization you belong to a society, SIG  or a subscriber of JewishGen, AVOTAYNU, Legal Genealogist  etc. You will receive an email response that you have to reply to, or the subscription will not be finalized.

The alerts are archived and once you register you may access the archives at: http://lists.iajgs.org/mailman/private/records-access-alerts/


The IAJGS Records Access Alert is not a daily announcement list. Depending on what happens worldwide, there may be no postings for several days and other times there may be several in one day.


These are listed alphabetically not chronologically.  Each month the locales covered differ.


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee



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