Re: Family Moscow in Amsterdam #general

Seth Jacobson


Without any intention to confuse you, I would like to "contribute" to your Moscow search. Years ago, after a period of genealogical confusion, I was surprised to find proof that my "Mostkov" family had nothing to do with the town Moscow, as I had believed. The name was actually Mostkovi, and originated from Russian. It contains the word for bridge, мост (read Most), the family probably lived next to a town's bridge, when given their surname. That part of my paternal family came from Lithuania, later Novogroduk and moved to Minsk in Belarus. For all ethnic purposes, however, we are Litvish (Lithuanian) Jews. This may well be unrelated to your specific challenge, but you may consider to investigate that line as well; maybe my original mistake can teach us all something about prejudiced ideas without no basis.

Good luck,

Seth Jacobson

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