Re: Family Moscow in Amsterdam #general


If it was Hyman Moscow born 2-5-1849:
his line goes back to a Hyman Wolf Moscou, shoeshiner, b. around 1799 in Amsterdam, married 1823 in Amsterdam. On the marriagecert. his parents are Wolf Moscou (b. abt. 1746) and Sara Hijman. Bride, Groom, Parents all living in Amsterdam.

I don't see name adoptions to Moscou or similar, so was the name before 1811? I see a marriage in 1796 between a Wolf Hijman Levie and a Sara Hijman in Amsterdam, they were both born there. The same Wolf? The name of his mother (his witness) is Hester Benjamins). He signs his name in jiddish, may he wrote something different? Can someone transcribe that?

On (18th Century Ashekenazi) I saw someone by the name of Moscou Levie

Loes Buisman, Amsterdam


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