Zabarskys in Bessarabia/Moldava #bessarabia

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Hi all,

There’s a family rumor that my grandfather was born in Romania. His full name was Motel (Motke) Zabarsky (Забарский). He was born in 1885. Although he says in his naturalization papers he (and his Lithuanian wife) were both born in Kiev, my guess is he was just naming one of the few (the only?) places in Imperial Russia American officials would know.   

I’ve found a few Zabarskys in Odessa, and Kishinev (the current capital of Moldova); there are also Zabarskys, who judging by the names, appear to be from my line in the Bila Tserkva cemetery —  in the south of modern Ukraine, not north, although that’s where the family was registered.  

I write to see if by chance anyone has come across any information about people by that name in the region, as a search through Jewishgen’s databases didn’t find much. I’m also open to advice for other means of searching!


Lydia Zabarsky

Researching the ancestry of early 20th c. immigrants to Worcester, MA
🇺🇦 ZABARSKY | MAZER  Belaya Tserkva, Kiev Gubernia
🇱🇹 GLAZER | PESKIN  Somewhere, Lithuania

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