"Hints" and "alerts" and "isicoveries"from commercial genealogical sites #general

Bruce Drake

I thought I would share an exchange I had by email with the head of a major commercial genealogical site. As I'd wagr had been the case with many of you here, you often received these -- and all too often, the "discovery" turns out to be data pulled from your own tree and recycled back to you. I suppose these companies believe it helps prove their value. 
I get these from two major sites that I won't name here because I believe JewishGen discourages calling out particular companies. I find these alerts annoying. But I got such an email the other day that was so laughable, it was almost pathetic. It cited one of my ancestors and suggested I reach out -- to MYSELF -- to find out more about him.
I used LinkedIn to identify a top executive at the site that sent this and messaged that person about this, and provided all my information plus the header information from the email. I was told that this had been passed along to the company's proper team and would be fixed.
We'll see.

Bruce Drake
Silver Spring, MD

Towns: Wojnilow, Kovel

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