Re: Book about Brakpan Jews, South Africa #southafrica


·       SKIKNE, M. 2017. The social history of the Brakpan Jewish community. Reach.

See the FaceBook Group "The Harvest Centre of Judaism & Equality" This is a centre that they turned Brakpan Shul into.
They have a little Jewish Library and exhibition. Maybe they have some contacts for spare copies of the Book you seek.
Maybe they have a copy they willing to take a few pics of for you where your family is mentioned.

Also are there any South African Jewry Book Collections in Australia? Perhaps a University or a shul with many ex South Africans?
Maybe they have a copy to borrow there? Or ask on your local Australian ex South African Jewish Group - if there is such a thing.

UCT/Kaplan Centre or the SAZF Issie Maisels Library at Beyachad or Gitlin Library in Cape Town may also have a copy they willing to take a few pics of.

Juan-Paul BURKE

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