Re: Hungarian Jewish Museum and Archives (Budapest) website (fwd) #hungary

Ujlaki Gyorgy <ujlaki.gyorgy@...>

Dear H-SIGers!

Re: How to get into the archives: It is not easy, but don't give up!

During last summer I succeded several times to do research in the Jewish
Archives, despite the fatc that:

1. the chief-archivist, Kinga Frojmovics left for Israel.
2. deputy-archivist was defending her diploma.

In theory the archives should be open on Monday and Thursday mornings.

During winter we have to face the following -challenges- :-)

1. We were told that the archives was closed for lack of heating.
2. The documents are being restored, so genealogists will be kept away >from the
metrical books.

I will send an update about this if things change!


BTW, I have not seen their homepage yet!

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