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Now, does anyone in this SIG
have Spitzer or Weinberger relatives >from there or Kisvarda? That is the
The following data are >from this book: Nezo Istvan, A kisvardai zsidok tortenete.
Nyiregyhaza 1998.

The first rabbi of Kisvarda was Abraham Izsak Weinberger, after Kisvarda
seceded >from Nagykallo in 1844. He was born in Poland, in Dukla in 1796, and
became the rabbi of Galgoc (now Hohlovec in Slovakia) when he was 21, and was
the leader of the community for 14 years. He was a well-known rabbi of his time:
he founded a bet hamidrash, a Yeshiva and a library to strengthen religous
observance in Kisvarda. During his tenure, in 1850, keeping of metrical records
started. He died in 1884. After his death two of his books were published:

Pney Yitchak 1892 (his responsa) and Mallel leAvraham 1913 (aggada).

In 1929 the Kisvarda Neolog Jewish Community seceded >from the Kisvarda
Orthodox Community, and Zsigmond Weinberger was a member of the steering
committee (valasztmanyi tag). (p.39)

One of the two largest food-shops in Kisvarda was owned by a Weinberger (p.61).

The owner and the editor of the local daily -Kisvardai Lapok- was Lipot Vadasz
(Weinberger). (p.63) His father was Bernath Weinberger (1837-1904) was a
respected Kisvarda trader. Lipot was born on July 2, 1861. He changed his
name to Vadasz in 1882. He studied law in Budapest. He opened a legal office in
Kisvarda, and became one of the most sought after lawyer in Szabolcs county.
He founded a financial cooperative, was the president of the association of local
industrialists, member of the local govt. In 1910 he was elected into the
Hungarian Parliament, he became a advisor of Prime Minister Istvan Tisza, and in
1913 was appointed as the State Secretary of the Ministry of Justice. He died in
Budapest on August 29, 1924. (pp. 64-65)

Jozsef Weinberger was a member of the steering committee of the Bikkur Choli
Association in 1907. (p.82.)

Herman Weinberger private teacher 26 years old (in the 1880s) born in
Nagytarkany, Zemplen county. (p.95)

Izsak Weinberger was the Jewish religious instructor of the Kisvarda public
elementary school (kozsegi elemi iskola) in 1874. (p.97.)

Ignac Weinberger was a member of the Kisvarda Board of Education
(iskolaszek). (p.98.)

Bernath Weinberger was in leather business. (p.115).

Gyorgy Ujlaki, Budapest, Hungary

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