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Adam Turner

Hello! I'm looking for a little help translating two pages from the 1850 Kremenets revision list. (Ordinarily, I would use ViewMate for this - but it seems the Ukrainian archives have put restrictions on the online FamilySearch films that make it hard to download the full images for uploading to ViewMate, and it is hard to take a good screenshot that makes the entirety of the page legible. I can make out enough of the Russian lettering to be confident I've found the correct pages, but not much more than that. I would be especially interested in the annotations that might mention if various family members had died, moved away, etc.)

Both pages are from the same 1850 list. and appear to describe the same family, so my assumption is that the page that shows the female members of the family might be an "additional" revision list that updates the family on the first page - probably, the ages on the first page refer to each family members ages in the previous revision list of 1834, and the ages on the second page are their current ages in 1850.

Family #70 at the bottom of this page, that of Faivush Gershkovich Goldengershel: 
The same family, except with the women added, a different registration number of 17, and also with additional notation: 

Thank you!

Adam Turner

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