Don't Forget: Jewish Genealogy SIG (JGSIG) June meeting - Tues June 14 2022 1:2:30 pm EDT on Zoom RSVP #announcements #events #jgs-iajgs

Arthur Sissman

REMINDER: Jewish Genealogy SIG (JGSIG) June meeting - Tues June 14 2022 1- 2:30 pm EDT on Zoom RSVP 


If you want to join the meeting, with your request, please send your email address, location, cell phone #.  That will allowing processing of the request.

Hi JGenners!!

The June meeting is at a new time 1pm (at least for the summer - to Oct).  Remember everything I do is FREE………and the JGSIG is not necessarily just for Jewish genealogists!

The agenda is a potpourri of topics - most proposed by a distinguished group member - Thanks!!  This is in no particular order and don’t know if I will get to all of them.  If you favor the answer to a particular topic, let me know in your RSVP!

Trees on Ancestry:

  • Question: You mentioned that you have created many trees on and I wonder why?  In short, the how/why of multiple trees on or any other platform.
  • How do you utilize many trees (I assume you are in them all so not for a client or someone who is not related to you)? 
  • And what can you do with them after you are done? 
  • Can you delete it?
  • Do you merge it with your main tree? How do you merge (import) 2+ trees?

How do you split (export) a tree? (I will demo this using a “Fake tree” on FamilyTreeMaker2019 ( ). If you use FTM, get ready and play along.

What is a Floating Tree and how/why use it?  I use this techniques a lot!

 Multiple Searches using the Same Info?

Where/How can I do Multiple Searches on websites without Entering the desired Data Again and again?  [There will be a handout sent to attendees after the meeting with links, etc]

Sites to explore: Roots Search, SteveMorse, Montreal Genealogy Dashboard, Family Search -  what sites do you use not listed?

If you want to join the fun, send an email to genresearch13@... to take your spot.




Arthur Sissman

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