Requesting Translation of Photo-Kopieranst. #translation #germany

The 1937 Berlin Telephone Directory lists a family member's occupation as Photo-Kopieranst. 

Is this similar or the same as a photographer?  It is not listed on the German Occupation Definitions - English Translations  at

I was told by another elderly cousin that he was a successful photographer. When it was still possible to leave Germany, he was arguing with the authorities to allow him to take more than 2 pieces of his expensive professional equipment.  Before this could be resolved, the borders were closed.  He and his father were the only 2 members of our large extended family that did not leave and they were both murdered, I believe in Auschwitz.  

Thanks in advance,


Vicky Furstenberg Ferraresi
Belmont, CA


researching: FUERSTENBERG (Gdansk, Berlin, Shanghai)

PROCHOWNIK (Bydgoszcz, Berlin, Shanghai)

QUIATOWSKY (Berlin, Ujest/Ujazd))

BAUM (Gdansk)

FREYSTADT (Berlin, Sweden)

HEYMANN (Berlin, Israel, Geneva)

SCHULVALTER (Berlin, Brazil)



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