Records for Fehergyarmat #hungary

Yonatan Ben-David <YoniBenD@...>

My great great grandparents were Emanuel (Menachem) KLEIN and Fannie
(Fradel) FISCHER. They lived and died in Fehergyarmat, and raised eleven
children there. Five of the children stayed in Hungary, and the other
six emigrated to Boston and New York. One of the emigres was Rose, my
ggm. All of the children that remained in Hungary were killed in the
Holocaust, except for one who died beforehand. Most of the
grandchildren survived, but there were some deaths among them as well.
What I am looking for, is more information on the town of Fehergyarmat,
and the way of life there before WW11. More importantly, I would love
to know what records exist that would give me birth, death, and marriage
dates of Emanuel and Fannie, as well as names of their parents and
siblings. I assume that the Mormons have microfilmed such records, but
because I live in Israel, I have no access to LDS films. Can anyone
give me more information, or at least tell me if there are records for
Fehergyarmat? Is there some way of accessing them without going through
the LDS?

Thanks for any ideas, information and/or help...

Yonatan Ben-David
Tel Aviv


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