Re: The Yiddish female name Yechil #yiddish #names #unitedkingdom

David Ziants

Thank you for your response, and to the others for the responses to my posting.

BRANDEL was Caroline's maiden family name.

It is "Yechil" that is transcribed to English as the "shem b'yisrael" on the Great Synagogue record,  so I guess that is her name that appeared on her ketuba. A number of people here and also off-list have suggested that this should really be Yachet and someone suggested off-list that the yud and tet was mis-transcribed to become the lamed.

An issue is, that this is not someone who migrated to England from Eastern Europe, but from the Netherlands in the 19th century- so Yiddish seems to be out of place.

David Ziants

Ma'aleh Adumim, Israel

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