Help Researching Friedland(er) Family from Oshmiany #lithuania


Hi all, I’m trying to research the Friedland(er) family from Oshmiany. So far I’ve found a couple of birth records of one individual, two marriage records, and three revision/tax lists. 
Unfortunately, there are a lot of people missing. The person I’m starting my tree from is Jankel Friedland(1837, Oshmiany - 1915, NY). I found him in two revision lists, one in 1858 with his brother Abram Ovsey, and one in 1850 with his father Evno(Yona), brother Abram, and his aunt and uncle Elia and Frieda. The earliest list I found (1834) is of Elia and Frieda with Elia’s father Abram(who had died in 1820, and was the son of Liberman). I’m trying to find Yevno’s father(listed as Iankel), but he doesn’t appear in any lists. 
I can see that they were counted in the 1818 tax list, but can’t find them. I’ve tried searching for records with just first names and/or patronymics, but haven’t gotten anything. 
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Aidan Tisch

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