Seeking opinions on name in 1908 document #names


Looking for help locating family. We recently discovered I am Ashkenazi and a DNA search was done as a result of my Grandson having a genetic marker specific to Jewish males and the need for medical intervention

My Great Grandmother arrived in the USA around 1898 to 1902. She went by the name Alberta as far as we knew but on her 1908 marriage certificate (attached), the first name looks like Oreta, last name was Korn (born Nefs or Vefs?). We have tracked the connection to Korn through 23and me but we are unsure the relation level (brother, uncle, cousin etc). The name Oreta is really unusual but not unheard of although it does not appear in any of the Jewish given name lists I reviewed. If someone sees something else in the name on the marriage certificate that would be great!

Any ideas or suggestions gratefully accepted.

Susan Rabbitte

Calgary, AB 

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