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Cassio Tolpolar

Please join me in this special event and share it!
LivingStones proudly presents MAMALIGA BLUES
Directed by Cassio Tolpolar
US-Brazil-Moldova | 55 minutes | 2014
Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Yiddish with English subtitles
In 1931, Abraham Tolpolar and his wife, Rachel, emigrated from Bessarabia (back then Romania and today Moldova) to southern Brazil. 77 years later their only child, Mauro, and his two adult children make the trip back to visit his parents’ birthplace in search for answers to an unrevealed past. They carry with them the only remaining photograph of a lost family grave. The Tolpolar drive through a beautiful landscape from rural village to another, walk through abandoned cemeteries, and meet locals in their quest to find out what happened to their relatives who disappeared during the Holocaust.
Join us on Sunday, July 3,2022
7 PM Zurich time
8 PM Chisinau & Tel Aviv
12 PM Lima
2 PM Rio de Janeiro
10 AM Los Angeles
Registration: fill out the form below https://forms.gle/PX2SiHCawLX1uHAx5
Happy to see you soon!
Cassio Tolpolar
#moldova #brazil #genealogy #documentary #bessarabia #holocaust #jewish

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