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J.R. Silver

I agree that the way to resolve this completely would be to view the original record.
However, I believe a very simple explanation has been overlooked.
The  transcription gives the 'BRIDE'S PATRONYMIC ' as 'Yechil b. Shmuel' .
This means that 'Yechil b. Shmuel' was the BRIDE's FATHER's name. i.e. that the bride's father's name for religious purposes was Yechil, son of Shmuel.
The bride's father's secular/ English name is given as Samuel BRANDEL.  
There is no rule that someone's English name must be an exact translation of their Hebrew or Yiddish/religious name.It is perfectly plausible that Samuel Brandel was named after HIS father Shmuel. ( You would not give the same Hebrew name to a son as his living father, but to give the English name Samuel would not break this rule/custom)
Be that as it ,may, there is no need to invoke complex conjectures about Yechil as a female name. Yechil(Yiddish) or maybe Yechiel ( Heb) was not the name of the bride. It was the name of her father.
To resolve this  beyond question, you now need to get sight , if possible,  of the original marriage authorisation document. 

From Judith Silver, London UK  - silverjr1@...

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