Re: Request for Old Photos from Dubno #photographs #ukraine #poland


Still seeking old photos (1880-1947) from Dubno, Ukraine (formerly Poland, earlier Russian Empire). I am looking for photos of:

1. Single portraits and family groups, 1-20 people (outdoors if possible). Photos showing girls or women preferred (I have already received photos showing men and boys).
2. Non-family groups, such as a class, Zionist group, factory workers, professional group, or just people at work or play. Photos showing girls or women preferred.
3. The Jewish part of town, with Jewish buildings such as synagogues, study houses, marketplace, shops, houses, schools, etc. Old postcards may be used. 
4. Modern photos of the old Jewish area, where some old structures remain. Or a panorama or aerial view of the town.

This book is a volunteer project, so I cannot offer payment, but for any images used, you will receive a prominent image credit. Images must be in good focus, but do not have to be in perfect condition. I may even be able to repair fading, rips, blotches and other problems, making your photo more useful to you. 

If you have old photos, please don’t send them yet. Write to me at artstop@... for instructions on how to scan them in high resolution, or re-photograph them. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Many thanks in advance for your kind help!
Nina Schwartz
NOTE: I have already researched, or gotten some good Creative Commons images from, sites like Wikipedia, Virtual Shtetl, Shtetl Routes, USHMM, Yad Vashem, National Museum of Poland, etc.—no need to recommend them.

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