Re: How to Aceess LDS results from JewishGen in FamilySearch #hungary #records #general

Wendy Kalman

Thank you. I was able to see with my account. Regarding restricted records, I think there are different levels. For some American ones, I was able to go to my library, which is I guess an affilaite center, and log in there and see on my own laptop. I do not know if international agreements vary or what.

If you have the URL of where the image should be, you may be able to put ina request. For the requests that I've put in and they've been able to honor (not all, due to agreements), they've been pretty quick sending the file. This is the link for the request form: 

Thank you again and good luck to you too, Michaele!

Wendy Kalman
Acworth, GA

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