US Census #usa

Alan Loew

Residentail search
Last visited a relative around 1950
address was 36 Pasqet Dr
Norwalk Conn
attempted to find house while on vacation and could not find house
Woke up and viewed 1959 US CENSUS and confirmed address.
Spent an hour at the street and could not find #36.
Have contacted numerous norwalk agencies and they show no record of #36 that highest home number
is 30.
Spke to various agencies and so far cannot find a #36.
The engineering dept indicated that a road was added in the same area and created a new street, something
like Sasgret ? Pond Rd.
If the home is still up was a two story white home with 2 car garage on left and a porch on the right side.
That is my memory going back over 70 years.
A cousin recalls a pond in the back
The home was set back a great distance in 1950.
The owners were John Taylor and Zelda Bloom Taylor
Zelda was in charge at CR Gibson that perhaps was sold out and then failed about 5 years ago.
There were very few homes in this beutiful area 72 years ago.
Any help on this strange omission will be highly appreciated
Alan Loew


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