Re: German Jews incarcerated in England/Scotland during WW2 #holocaust #germany


The story in my family was that my uncle (Erich Fritz Hein) was interned in the UK at first, but was then sent to Canada (specifically Prince Edward Island) for the duration.  I've never been able to confirm that there was actually a camp for German internees in PEI, although I know there were camps in Ontario and Quebec.  And I have lived my entire life in Canada.

My father (Georg Franz Hein), on the other hand, at the outbreak of hostilities (Sept 3/39) committed identity theft, taking the name of a dead London classmate (Peter Stevens), and enlisted in the Royal Air Force.  He would become the only German-Jewish bomber pilot in the RAF, flying 22 combat missions in 1941 before his plane was hit by flak over Berlin and he force-landed (out of fuel) in a farmer's field near Amsterdam.  So began 3 years and 8 months of captivity in his own country, without any protection whatsoever under the Geneva Convention.  Had the Nazis ever discovered his true identity, the consequences would have been unpleasantly fatal.  Dad went on to make 9 escape attempts as a POW, became Head of Contacts (i.e. scrounging) for the "X" Escape Organization in Stalag Luft 3 East Compound, and was one of only 69 members of the RAF to be awarded Britain's Military Cross for gallantry in the face of the enemy on the ground.  Mentioned in over 20 books, including the biography I wrote.

Marc Stevens

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