Cukierman family, emigrating in 1951 #poland #usa


Perhaps someone on the list can suggest ways of tracing further the family of Wolf Cukierman, born ca. 1926, most likely in Wolbrum, Poland. The Joint archives record the arrival in New York  on 26 Feb. 1951 of Wolf and three other family members: Mania (b. 1925), Dora (b. 1947), and Ester (b. 1949).Their emigration location is given as Landsberg Kaserne Bl. 4/58; their destination was 128 Boylston, Malden, Massachusetts. (Two siblings of a diffeerent Wolf Cukierman (1920-42) emigrated to the United States: David, 1830-84, died in Texas; Szmul, his wife Fajga (20.9.19) and son Anszen (27.5.46) emigrated to Canada in July 1951.) I've searched the major genealogical sites as well as Jewish Records Indexing-Poland and JewishGen.
Carol Sicherman
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