Re: Berlin street addresses in 1930s #germany

C.W. Kirschbaum

I find the "histomap" website of the Berlin State Archive quite helpful. It allows you to check old street addresses from, let's say the 1930s, against a present-day map of Berlin. You can superimpose historical maps on recent ones and thus verify if, how and when street names and house numbers changed over the past 100+ years.

Claudia Witte-Kirschbaum
KIRSCHBAUM (Parysow, Rozan, Lodz, Nizhniy Novgorod); BORNSTEIN (Parysow, Rozan, Lodz); DUMTSCHIN (Mogilev, Nizhniy Novgorod)
LANDAU (Brzesko); FRISCH, EINHORN (Bochnia), STRUMPFNER (Krakow)

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