Looking for the birthplace of Anatol BRYCKS. #holocaust


From Arolsen Archives I found only that Anatol was incarcerated in Auschwitz and transferred to Buchenwald on 13-12-1943. I posted a document photo on Viewmate number 98842. I included a short description of what I believe to be his fate. I know where he died. That is a beginning. My research has only come up with the one entry on Arolsen's. I have searched and documented a couple hundred or more towns and villages from Yahad-In Unum and his name has not appeared. I still have a thousand or so documented places to research. Most local survivors of the war don't remember the names of Jews that lived in their towns, but some do. Once in a while names show up in the interviews done by Father Patrick Desbois and his awesome team of investigators. My goal is to find his birthplace if possible. The vicinity of Oswiecim, Poland? Was he transported from far away? His prisoner number 107744 in 1943 would be low in the number of prisoners in the death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau. If you want to find a needle in a haystack, use a magnet. Thanks to all for the privilege of being a part of a reputable organization. Theodore (Allan) Brycks.

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