Swedish Government Appoints Special Investigator to Strengthen Jewish Life and Culture #announcements #scandinavia

Jan Meisels Allen



The European Jewish Congress reports that that the Swedish government has decided to appoint a special investigator that will map out obstacles and opportunities for Jewish life in Sweden and make proposals for a national strategy to strengthen Jewish life.


The investigator will examine the conditions for Jewish life today and present proposals to ensure its survival and development. The focus will be on the transmission of Jewish culture and Yiddish to younger and future generations.


The work will be carried out in close dialogue and collaboration with the Jewish community in Sweden and will be reported by 15 December 2023.


The study is part of Sweden’s commitments following the Malmö International Forum for Holocaust Remembrance and Combating Antisemitism.


To read more see: https://eurojewcong.org/news/communities-news/sweden/swedish-government-appoints-special-investigator-to-strengthen-jewish-life-and-culture/


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


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