Re: Visiting Ukraine #galicia #ukraine

Alex Girshovich

Sherry, from what I know, you should first understand where your roots come from. The war activities are mainly in the South-East and near the Balck Sea coast. So, check the map and decide if you can make it to the right place.
Secondly, there are no flights to Ukraine now. No flights at all. You'll have to fly to Krakov or another point near the Ukrainian border and continue by car. If you are not a Ukrainian speaker, so this is where your local guide should pick you up.

Visiting Ukraine these days may be a fascinating and once-in-a-lifetime experience, but it requires careful planning and a responsible and reliable local guide.
Remember that Ukraine is the biggest country in Europe, For example, the Western city of Lviv is in more than 1,000 km far from most of the places that star in the battle reports.

Alex Girshovich,
Jerusalem, Israel

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