Re: New Jewish DNA From 14th Century Erfurt #sephardic #dna #germany

Moshe Berman

That’s really fascinating. I’m not judging at all, but am curious who gave this ruling or where it’s sourced. Here’s why:

I wonder if identification purposes would be permitted if the identification was for moving the body to what is considered a “family plot.“

I asked someone who moved a body on behalf of R’ Moshe Feinstein ztv”l about moving a grave. I understand there are several reasons for permitting exclamation and moving a body:

1. “Kivrei Avot” burial on a family plot with 3 or more other relatives.
2. To be buried in Israel 
3. If a cemetery is in danger
4. if a cemetery isn’t an honorable place. (A Jewish cemetery that becomes nondenominational for example It’s forbidden to say Kaddish in front of a cross, or the like.)
5. If someone is buried alone in a forest. 

One further loophole might be to exhume and rebury in Israel, and then you only have to hope you find detached teeth.

Anyway, thanks for sharing, and if you have more context I’d be fascinated to learn more.

Moshe Berman

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