Re: Yiddish Name "Chalia" #names

YY Bond

Has anyone ever come across the name "Chalia" for a woman?
The name was most likely a Yiddish name for a Jewish woman who was born in the Ukraine approximately 1850. Her maiden surname was Levine. 
I haven't found the name in Harkavy's 1925 list (or any of the other wonderful name resources on
The name was dictated to a clerk in NY on a death certificate as someone's mother's name.  It is possible the clerk misheard and mistranslated. 
There are some websites which say it is a Hebrew name but I am not sure if the aforementioned woman would have gone by a Hebrew name and it seems to be uncommon. I have never heard it in modern usage.
I thought perhaps it is some kind of merging of the name "Chaya Leah" ?
Thank you,
Yechezkel Bund

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