Suggestions for tracing Hungarian Shoah survivors? #hungary #holocaust

Wendy Kalman

In tracing relatives of my husband, I found that, per Yad Vashem, two daughters in one family from Panyola, Hungary survived the Holocaust: Iren Weisz, b. 1928  ( and Ilona Weisz, b. 1930 (, while their parents Bela and Pepi (nee Klein) Weisz did not. I tried searching JewishGen in English plus Googled their names and dates in both Hebrew and English, but have not come up with anything I am sure about.

Yad Vashem does not show a scan of the source but says the info for each came from a "List of survivors, found in Official Archives in Hungary - Card file of names of survivors who returned to Hungary, prepared by DEGOB, 1945-1946." In 1946, they would've been 18 and 16.

I did see references online to their names on lists about Bergen Belsen, but without parents or Panyola mentioned (but other Hungarian towns) -- and with both listed as born 1929, I cannot know this is them -- and even it was, it still doesn't tell me where they went next. 

Would anyone have any suggestions to share on what my next steps should be to try to find out what happened to the sisters? TIA.

Thank you for any suggestions.

Wendy Kalman
Acworth, GA

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